Sunday, September 12, 2010


David Greske, the author, wrote:

"One individual that comes to mind is a gentleman from a previous job who took me under his wing and nurtured me with a kind of kindness and steering similar to a father's direction. He never raised in voice in anger and let the me take control of the day-to-day challenges. Some decisions I made were wrong and my supervisor knew before I made the decision that it probably wasn't the right one, but he believed enough in me to allow the decision to happen and afterwards ask me why I think the decision wasn't the best one. He'd then give his reasoning and explanation of what he believed would've been a better decision. But he never reprimanded me for my original decision. He respected me and that's really the bottom line. Respect. Just because someone in a leadership position has different responsibilities, he/she still needs to respect those around him/her."

Thank-you very much for your input, David.

Have you had a leader that you admired or made an impact on your life or view of life? What leadership characteristics were used?

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